Dr. Andrews strongly encourages his patients to obtain health insurance coverage to provide coverage in case of unexpected, high-cost occurrences; such as, hospitalizations, medical emergencies, surgeries, cancer diagnoses, radiologic imaging etc.
Unfortunately, over the past several years, Health Insurance Companies have increasingly been denying patients coverage for their necessary routine and preventive medical care, as well as, their basic well-proven treatments. Health Insurance Companies have also been placing an increasing burden on physicians to demonstrate the necessity of these basic well-proven treatments for their patients, by forcing physicians to participate in the Health Insurance Companies’ prior authorization and peer-to-peer processes, which causes patients’ necessary medical care to be delayed, diminished and denied.
Therefore, Dr. Andrews does not accept any type of Health Insurance Coverage for his services; and by doing so, is able to provide state-of-the-art and world-class medical care for his patients. Dr. Andrews is personally available to all of his patients 24/7/365 and also makes house-calls upon request.